Image result for guts raina telgemeierYes, that new one by Raina Telegmier. The young adults have been yearning to read. Raina Telegmeir has done it again, the New York Times bestselling author has charmed her young audience with a book that posses both humor and reality.

In this new book, we get to see Raina’s life as a tween. As she struggles with friends and family, we are taken along with her. We see her in various mood swings, a typical thing when you reach the age of puberty. We see that there are some dark moments in her life, she has to go to therapy, and sometimes has insomniac nights.

Through all this, we get to see that we aren’t alone. It’s nice to see that somebody else shares the same experience as me. The most important thing that I had learned was that there are more people out there who struggle with the same things as you do. I learned that I’m not the only one who’s struggling.

This book has lived up to what the critics say. Truly making Raina Telegmeir one of the leading graphic novelists in the world.

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