The Problem With Fantasy Books

Related imageThere is plenty of amazing book series, things like Harry Potter, have grown worldwide success! However, personally, for me, the best series is most definitely Land of Stories! It is literally a whole new world full of fantasy and adventure, even the oldest of readers are sure to enjoy such a book. It has such an indescribable feeling, not many understand until they truly read the series!

In total there are 6 books, full of adventure, heartbreak, and life lessons. In the first book, the two protagonists of the book, are whirled away into a world full of fairytales, and where ‘the magic’ really does exist. They meet so many famous literary characters such as, but not limited to, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and many more!

Delve into a place where wishes really can come true, where you really can get the Prince Charming of your dreams. Eventually, one can get so warped up into the magic which the story brings, they forget it is not reality. In reality, it takes effort to do all of this stuff, and this brings me to the con of this series.

Maybe it is just me, but I hate it when even in a fiction book, they proclaim something which is not possible.  I mean, sure Alex and Conner Bailey the two protagonists of the book faced some troubles in their reality, and maybe some in the fairytale world. Maybe this is just my thought process, or maybe all readers feel this way, but I think that it is very hard to tell yourself to remember, that this book is really pure fiction.

I mean me, I have always wanted some sort of miracle in life to happen, some sign that there is a bit of magic out there, and these stories elevate that hope, which in a way may not be such a bad thing after all, however, I think it is important to address the fact that, there is no “special sign”, in this universe. I think as I am writing this, the only reason why  am writing this is to tell myself that, we live in a place bound by the rules of science and logic.

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  1. Very interesting. I completely agree. I like historical fiction books best. I don’t like pure fiction books. It’s just so… fake.


  2. Book Worm says:



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