The Best Food to have while Reading


I know that this may seem like quite an odd topic to talk about. Who eats food while reading, you may ask. Honestly, though, the combination of the two is quite impeccable. In fact, it has been such a habit for me now, that now I find that as soon as I take a bite into a cookie or something, I immediately have a sudden tendency to read a book. Maybe it is just me, but I find that half of the fun in reading, is eating alongside it.

Image result for chicken club sandwichThere are plenty of really nice munches and nibbles, which one can eat while reading. Personally, for me, I love romancing a nice chicken club sandwich with a fantasy book. The pairing is actually quite fabulous. The juicy layers of the red tomato, with grilled bread, alongside the juicy chicken!!! Yum!!!!

If you want something a bit lighter than chicken, I would recommend a snack of sorts. Image result for banana peanut butter toastWhy one can easily have a nice pack of hot Cheetos with one’s book of choice. If you prefer not to do that, then cut a banana in small slices, apply that on a toasted peanut butter bread. It is a perfect, and healthy snack, for those who eat lightly.

If you prefer something healthier, then fruits are a very good choice. They have good vitamins in them and are perfect for a short read. You can easily get them at your local supermarket or grocery store. Think of the three berries; blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. All of them combined, create a perfect quick snack to eat while reading the book of your choice.Image result for strawberries blueberries blackberries

Well, that is it for today folks! Make sure to comment and tell me what food do you like to eat while reading. Make sure to like, comment, share and follow, please!!


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  1. Mmmmmm. Those are such great suggestion!

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  2. divya says:

    I really like eating a pack of chips when I read, I know it’s unhealthy, but that is what I prefer. Thanks for your suggestion will definitely try your suggestions.


  3. VEGAN FOOD says:



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