The Book was Better


The question we all ask ourselves. Which was better, the book or the movie? Now I know this may not seem like such a big deal, but really, your choice can affect how you perceive the world of reading forever!!!!! I know I sound very melodramatic, but this is important. I personally believe that the book is always better, well, I mean except for Inception, that movie was pretty good. Below, I have made 3 reasons why THE BOOK IS BETTER,

1. Detail

The amount of detail which goes into the book is simply astounding! Authors describe every inch of the character and their settings! This then leads to a greater understanding of the book. I like books because I can easily imagine the story taking place, with movies, I get another person’s perspective of the book, which isn’t entirely that bad, however, the majority of the public opinion starts to believe that the setting of the book, looks like the one in the movie, which is annoying. They should not change their whole perspective of the book just because of one movie!

2. Background Info.

The amount of background information in a movie is nothing compared to that of a book. The book gives you the setting’s background and the character’s background. Now unless you add a narrator in the movie, which just ruins it, even more, I don’t see the movie coming any close to the book. One has to read the book to understand the movie. Yet, not the vice versa.

3. Movies Lose Some Parts of the Book

There are many examples, where the movie loses some bits and pieces of the book. They may forget to add an important detail in the book. This will lead to misconceptions of the book because the director and crew of the book did not do the book any justice. Yes, that was a loaded sentence. Yet, it constantly irritates me, when I wait for my favorite part of the book to happen in the movie, and it doesn’t, but it doesn’t happen. Uggh…

Those are the Top 3 Reasons Why The Book Is Better. Let me know in the comments, which one you think is better!

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  1. I think it depends on the book or movie. But most of the time the book is better. 🙃😉🤗😀

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