A Bookworm’s Guide to Picking the Best Book


Image result for bookworm1. Choose From Your Heart

A lot of people think that choosing a book, based upon, what is so-called “popular” these days is good. In some cases yes it may be, but in others, it is good to realize, what you like about a book. Trust me, I have wasted my money buying books which are bestsellers, simply because of that word! It is quite stupid!

2. Genre

The genre of the book is very important, whether it is fantasy, murder, magic! The choice is yours! Careful not ‘judge a book by its cover’ as they say. You will instantly regret it the choice. If you like two genres at once, then I would suggest starting off with the one, which is more enticing to you.

3. Movies

Maybe you have seen this really interesting movie on the T.V, and perhaps it has an accompanying book to it! I would recommend reading this book. Therefore, you could then compare and contrast the book and the movie. A heads up for you though, the book is always better, take Harry Potter for example. The books expressed way more detail than the movie did.

4. Ask your friend

It is always important to get another helping hand from someone. The best “someone” is your friend! They are similar to you, therefore they have the same tastes like you! Who knows? Maybe they have some advice on what book to read for the summer? Little did you know, that you would soon gallop through the book, because of how good it is.

5. Go to Book Clubs

Book clubs are great! There are so many great people there, they are like your friend, multiplied by 20! 20 amazingly cool people who are there, to give you advice on what to read. You can meet so many great people there, with great tastes in books,  you can discover something which you never would have thought of discovering!

I hope this blog helps. Please, tell me if it does or does not in the comments below! Thx!


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